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Located in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Stray Dog Art House is a workshop based art space that does things a little differently, a little edgier, a little bit against the grain.

We believe that art is what an artist produces and an artist is anyone with an intent to create.

Stray Dog Art House was established in 2018 by Kellie Anderson, an accomplished artist with a 25 year background in film SPFX and production design, in addition to  teaching at the post graduate level in British Columbia.

Kellie's education includes OCAD, University of Western Ontario and The University of Southern California, at a masters level. After years spent living around the globe she chose to make Nova Scotia her home and share her experience in art and life through this art school and workspace in Mahone Bay. 

The goal is to bring the raw energy of creating movie magic in the labs of Los Angeles to artists of any level in our lab in Mahone Bay. 

Like a Stray Dog, creativity has no boundaries and the possibilities for exploration limitless.

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